A Capella club has guest teachers visit

by Brandon Desmond
edited by Jenna Harrington

The A Capella club had two choir conductors visit the meeting to run the group through warm ups.

Club president, Michael Mottola, has been working diligently on making the club sound as good as he can. He has taken some ideas from his experiences in the Choral Union ensemble run by conductor Marybeth Hallinan and her student conductor, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Franklin Pierce voice teacher, Dorthy Yanish, put the club through some useful warm ups. From instructing to sing with the tongue touching the bottom teeth, to teaching the singers to do physical actions while reaching certain pitches, her presence there was of much use.

Hallinan’s student teacher then took over and taught the singers about the performance aspect. He taught the singers about the use of the diaphragm by screaming like an infant child, as well as finding the perfect choir tone.

Hallinan’s student teacher said, “In a performance, it is never about how well you know the music. It’s about how well you can hide your mistakes.”

The club hopes to use these new techniques on the National Anthem and the Franklin Pierce theme song.

(Photo: Facebook)

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