A Day in the life: Adventure Recreation lounge

by Mike Levitt
edited by Harrison Berkland

Tucked away in the corner of Franklin Pierce University there’s the Adventure and Recreation lounge.

It’s like a mini log cabin on campus that makes  you feel as if  you’re a part of nature and it’s a good place to work or just hang out. It’s also the headquarters for several clubs like the Hiking Club and Franklin Pierce Club. The lounge is a good place for Franklin Pierce students to relax and enjoy what the lounge has to offer.

The place was virtually empty except for Sophomore James Johnson. Johnson said, ” All you do here is sit, relax and watch TV and watch people boulder down the stairs, either that or watch tv ,eating food and doing homework.”

The mood and the atmosphere of the lounge was really positive and the smell of the place smells like wood and pine needles. Also, there were some fresh logs in the fire to add the atmosphere of being in the woods.

The lounge is located behind the sophomore housing Monadnock and near the field house. The lounge is a good place to focus on homework, relax and be one with nature. Anyone can come in to the lounge and relax and be one with nature.

(Photo: Mike Levitt)


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