A Day in the Life: Nick Boyden

by Joe Lehmann
edited by Jenna Harrington

(Photo: Joe Lehmann)

Always on alert for messages from Campus Safety, Nick Boyden has been training throughout his college career to become a police officer. Throughout the semester, Nick has been filling out application after application to apply for jobs when he graduates from Franklin Pierce University in the spring. As such, he works hard in his classes to complete his Major in Criminal Justice. Of course, people may think that Campus Safety would harp on people’s good times and lose the fun out of parties and gatherings. Yet, I believe Nick Boyden could be the perfect representation as to show a different side to Campus Safety not shown by those who have not been able to help Campus Safety in such things as Safe Rides or the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event.

Like all of the other students attending Franklin Pierce University, Nick wakes up in the morning and begins to start his day by eating breakfast and drinking his coffee while watching one of his favorite shows Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on his personal Xbox One in his apartment’s living room. Earnestly saying ‘hello’, ‘hey’, and ‘good morning’ to anyone who catches his eye at the start of every day, he gives any one of his roommates a joyful start to their day. It helps that the choice of the roommates for the apartment was an entirely calculated effort that has been going on throughout all of their time here at Franklin Pierce University. An avid fan of anime, he and his five other roommates instantly have a sense of community and acceptance because they also have fond interests in anime, along with action movies, comedies, classic films, and stand-up specials on Netflix and DVDs from the library. Always on his computer, Nick works very hard making sure that all of his assignments get done on time, while also juggling his responsibilities to Campus Safety. On the days of Open House, Nick helps visitors in the cold hours of the early morning get to their parking spots. Although tired from a long day of school and work, Nick is always excited to go to Anime Club at the end of every Tuesday night. Nick works as hard as his body and spirit can take him to ensure that he enjoys his time here at Franklin Pierce University and to work hard for his dream career in law enforcement.

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