A Day in The Life: The Raven’s Nest

by Mike Levitt
edited by Haley Gardner

The Raven’s nest is the number one hot spot on campus for students to hangout and get some late night food.

The pub usually would have a moderate crowd of people late at night to relax and watch tv.  The atmosphere of the pub is a relaxed feeling for students to forget about the stress of tomorrow’s day. The pub stays open till 11 at night on weekdays and 1 A.M. on weekends for students who miss the cafe hours and grab a late night snack.

The TV was streaming a movie classic called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the 1971 version. Freeform, a tv channel tradition  of having 25 days of Christmas movies until Christmas day.

Sophomore Derek Short said, ” The barbecue chicken tenders are amazing here, they never cease to amaze me.”

The pub staff were having a good time during their shift, they were joking around and discussing about how their going to spend  Christmas break. Normally they would be producing A+ quality food but tonight they were having a good time and not thinking about the stress of their academic career.


(Photo: Mike Levitt)

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