A Slice of Life: Freshmen Lounge

by Colin Doherty
edited by Aaron Santini

In Mount Washington, the Freshmen Lounge was full of students as well as faculty and CA’s at 8pm on Thursday, November 30th.

The CA’s launched a “De-Stress” event in the Freshmen lounge, which consisted of Pizza, Hawaiian Punch and multiple games. At the start of this event, it mainly was only CA’s, until freshmen baseball and lacrosse players strolled though the door. The room became increasingly loud when one freshman lacrosse player challenged another to foose-ball which then drew a crowd. This made the table of CA’s to grow louder and louder, all while more and more students were coming through the door to find some late night snacks.

“I head there was pizza and some other snacks so I got a bunch of my teammates together and came down,” said Freshman lacrosse player Steve Mullen. “It’s actually really nice to come and chill with the boys, and play some foose-ball after all the work we’ve had to do this week. The pizza is also good at this time of night.”

The room started to thin out as the lacrosse players had their fill of pizza and Hawaiian punch, and their thirst for foose-ball was quenched. As soon as they left, the CA’s and other students began to play “Pin the carrot on Olaf,” a different version of pin the tail on the donkey.


(Photo: Colin Doherty)



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