A slice of life or a slice of pizza?

by Shannon McKeever
edited by Alex Thenin

“Order up,” I heard right when I walked through the door of Pizza Haven this evening.

The loud ring of phones sounded over the bustle of people in the doorway followed by, “Hello, Pizza Haven, how can I help you?”

(Photo: Shannon McKeever)

Many different people, including locals and Franklin Pierce students rushed in the entrance, waiting for their take out orders to be grabbed from the ovens.  Everyone was eager to give the cashier their money in return for their Thursday night meals.  The customers inside were all friendly and entertaining as the workers were enthusiastic making their pizzas in the back and greeting newcomers.

College basketball played on the TV in the dining area, but few customers were watching.  Most of the diners were too encompassed in their slices of pizza and sandwiches to pay attention to their surroundings.

The dining room was mainly empty besides a few tables, one with a group of teens laughing and joking around loudly, while another table was occupied by two college students talking quietly, enjoying caesar wraps.

It was an average night for Pizza Haven, the majority of the business was take-out, the line wrapping around the counter briefly, with a few people dining in for a short time.



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