An empty Bubble

by Nick Gonsalves
edited by Zach Letourneau

(Photo: Nick Gonsalves)

Upon entering the bubble through the revolving doors, my ears pop as I step into the air tight complex.

The first moments inside were surprising as it was eerily calm and empty. Besides the rock and roll playlist projected from the varsity weight room. I soon discovered it was just one of the coaches. The weight rooms which are usually filled with grunts and the sound of slamming weights; was flush with the sound of no people. There weren’t many students working out at the time.

An empty turf lay quiet as it waited for the next group of students to occupy it. The basketball and tennis courts faced the same fate.

A vacant bubble is  a rare sight, but senior Gina Daniele who has worked at the bubble for two years now, said “It’s a quieter time at the bubble, as it gets busiest around 4 o’clock. This is after most students are done with classes”.

One by one students enter the bubble, after changing their shoes of course, eager to train and break a sweat.

The select few who have been here for a while start to pack up and leave. The look of hard work and sweat have taken over their tired faces as they continue on with their day.

When the time to leave finally arrives, the number of students increases each step taken out of the bubble.




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