Anthropology Club discusses Native American remains

by Jackie Sizing
edited by Haley Gardner

Members attend the Anthropology Club meeting today at 6 p.m at Marcucella Hall in room 129.

Vice President, Amy Driscoll, ran this week’s meeting, where two weekly segments were presented: Artifact of the Week and Anthropology in the News.

This week’s artifact was presented by Secretary, Izzy Jurgilewicz. It was Native American remains from the Adena tribe; the type of bone is still unknown. Anthropology in the news was presented by SGA Senator, Ameryca Freeman. Animal bones were discovered from the Ice Age era. The newly found discoveries were located in upper Nevada and lower Texas.

(Photo: Jackie Sizing)

“I’m actually a history major, not an anthropology major, so I love artifact of the week, I love anthropology in the news,” Driscoll said. ” I get to learn new things.”

They ended this meeting by playing a game of Cards Against Humanities.

“The club is designed to be accessible for all FPU students,” Hayes said in his email interview. “For anyone interested in human societies and history, you’re sure to learn something new! And throwing atlatls is always a guaranteed way to get rid of excess stress.”

When it’s warm enough, the Anthropology club likes to throw atlatls during club meetings on the lawn behind Peterson Manor. Atlatls are spear throwers and were used by early hunters in the era between spears and archery. Members of the club can be part of the Franklin Pierce University Atlatl Team and they take part of many competitions across the northeast.

The members of the club are close-knit and new members are always welcome according to Hayes. In the past, they have offered study sessions for upcoming exams, papers, and helped members through course registration.

The club is planning a field trip on December 9th to Beneski Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts. They have many museum visits, atlatl demonstrations, and more coming next semester, according to Hayes. The Anthropology club meets every Thursday at 6 p.m at Marcucella Hall in room 129.




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