Bookstore empty as students left campus

by Yuri Furuuchi, Shannon Haynes

Since it was the day before Thanksgiving break, there were not a lot people who occupied the bookstore on Tuesday, November 21st.

The only people that came in only bought drinks. Cyndie Martin, a manager of the bookstore said the drink card system is often still used by students. This system works when students buy nine drinks, they can get one free.

The bookstore will not be selling any items that have the signature FPU logo after this semester. That particular logo is the one that everyone presumably familiar with, with the raven’s head intertwined with the FP letters. That logo will no longer be on any trademark items such as, shirts, hats, bags, keychains, mugs, etc. If students wish to purchase items with the logo, they will have to buy them through the athletic department starting next semester. The new logo which has not been released will be put on items next semester.

“Students might want to buy them before next semester starts.” Martin said.

(Photo: Yuri Furuuchi)

She also said that two days sales will happen on December 6th and 7th during the last week of the classes. The bookstore will send an email to all students what will be on sale.

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