Breakfast at the Pub

by Kobie Adams
edited by Stephanie LeClair

Eight o’clock in the morning at the Pub was quite dull on November 30th.

The morning shift for the Pub only involves one Sodexo worker behind the counter.

(Photo: Kobie Adams)

Besides the sound of the television and dishwasher, it was silent. The morning is not a time that the Pub is surging with business; “78% of the business [at the Pub] takes place after 6,” said Sodexo employee, Susan Fortier. The lack of business in the morning, means that majority of the work being done is work ensuring that those who work the night shift have all the things they need.

One of the few things taking place was a student working on her laptop, and waiting for her order; “Around this time mainly students come in, 3% of the people who come are teachers.” said Susan Fortier.



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