Business Minds Club holds meeting

by Curtis Jordan
edited by Aaron Santini

(Photo: Curtis Jordan)

On the evening of Thursday, November 30, Franklin Pierce students meet at the Department of Business at 5 o’clock for the Business Minds Club

“The goal of this club is to understand and learn real world experiences to prepare students for life after college,” said Junior Vice President of Business Minds Matt Bedard.

During this meeting, seven students were brainstorming ideas so they can bring in revenue to the school.

One of the ideas they came up was an all you can eat pancake fundraiser. The club also came up alternative ideas, such as a raffle that gives away small prizes. The prizes include a gift certificate to the book store and sandwich master gift card. The last idea they had was to have a 50/50 raffle which would be held at a Mens Basketball game or Women Hockey game.

“The reason why I join the the business mind club in the first place is to get involved on campus and also it looks good for your resume”, said Junior Secretary Shannon

The environment in the room was very welcoming I didn’t feel unwanted at any point I engaged in some of the conversation.




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