CAE helps out students prepare for finals

by Mike Levitt
edited by Alex Thenin

As the month of December comes along so does the pressure with school work.

The students of Franklin Pierce are in crunch mode as finals week comes closer and closer for students.

The Center of Academic Excellence is always available to help out students in their time of need in academic struggle. There’s plenty of resources available for students at the Center of Academic Excellence and have a good time with the tutors to relieve some of the stress from their classes. The center on the fourth floor was not that busy as usual but people would usually get a positive feeling every time they enter the center. The tutors are upper class men and they are more than willing to help any student improve their academics in a comfortable setting.

Junior Gabe Luciani said, “We are tutoring to the best of our abilities and next week, will be the time for the Center of Academic Excellence to prep other students for their finals.” The students who come to the center always leave their session with a thank you or just leave a positive comment. The Center of Academic Excellence are always committed to help others with their academic needs and prepare them for a project or an upcoming test.

The Center of Academic Excellence is always available to students for any subject and the writing center is available by appointment.


(Photo: Mike Levitt)


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