Cafeteria entered state of hibernation

(Photo: Mike Levitt)

by Skyler Shuel and Mike Levitt

At 12:30 p.m. the cafeteria is barren of nearly all human life. All but two of the tables in the primary room are empty, and even the back room’s booth seating lacks any form of inhabitants. It is eerily quiet with the exception of a few roaming patrons.

At the  two remaining tables, one of  is occupied by members of the hockey team. They are discussing returning to Residential Life before going on vacation, as well as sharing their plans for vacation.

A single staff member sits at another table, reading a magazine. He complains about the soft serve machine, which is unlikely to be refilled before the beginning of vacation.

In the back room, members of the basketball team enter and begin eating their lunches.

The golf coach and strength and conditioning staff also enter the cafeteria and they were talking about conditioning stuff for the winter season.

Sodexo staff busy themselves with cleaning up the abandoned tables in preparation for the four day vacation.

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