Early morning traffic in the Campus Center

by Mary Decker
edited by CeLynn Siemons

(Photo: Mary Decker)

Between 9:20 and 9:35, there were around 63 people, students, faculty, and staff alike, who walked through the Glass Foyer.

Most people were leaving, but some came in through the front doors, and fewer still went to check their mail upon entering. The most common sounds were that of the doors opening and closing, and the shuffling of people’s clothing and the clinking of their keys as they strode by.

At this time, the information desk was still closed, and the bars of the gates looked imposing and dark, quite unlike the friendly atmosphere it exudes while open.

There wasn’t much conversation to be heard in this area, just a few “Thank you”s and “No problem”s as people held the door open for one another.

At around 9:25, the foot traffic was slowing, and by 9:30 it was non-existent. It was only then that the ambient sounds could be heard; the humming of the vents from above, and the clicking of plates and the hum of conversation from below in the cafeteria. It was around this time a woman who worked for EVS came and cleaned the windows – and she was done in moments, the movements clearly well-practiced.

Though people seemed tired and rote while coming to eat their breakfast and start their day, there was still that hum of activity and friendliness that Franklin Pierce boasts at its more busier times of day.

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