Entering the Field House

by Nick Gonsalves
edited by Stephanie LeClair

(Photo: Nick Gonsalves) 

The smell of hardwood floors fills the air of the almost empty field house. The smell is accompanied by a constant buzz from the lights.

With stands drawn out and chairs lined up on the sideline, they patiently wait to be filled by players and spectators.

The steady sound of dribbles and swishes mixes with the music, as a hand full of basketball players engage in a shoot around to sharpen their skills while listening to some of their favorite songs.

Little by little more basketball players enter the field house, as their practice approaches. Slowly the field house begins to show signs of activity as student athletes venture into the equipment room to grab supplies.

When asked why the players were shooting around before practice, sophomore Mya Mosley said “Coach wants us to get in 1,000 shots a week, as it helps us with our muscle memory.”

Even though the activity is picking up, the basketball players appear extremely focused on perfecting their skills. A fierce look overcomes their faces when they miss a shot, but it does not last as jokes follow.



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