Feature: A SnapChat that sent her to the ground

by Elora Philbrick

Emily Quinn was walking out of Petrocelli Hall from Fundamentals of Art towards the commuter lot when she received a funny SnapChat from a co-worker that sent her to the ground.

“I just wasn’t looking where I was going,” said Quinn.

(Photo: Facebook)

Crossing the lawn to her car, Emily’s foot dipped into a pothole in the grass as she was looking at the screen on her iPhone. To her dismay, in the classroom to the right of the entrance, students turned around to watch as her ankles twisted and she fell.

“Seeing ten to fifteen people all staring at me at once made me feel uncomfortable,” said Quinn.

A girl in a blue hoodie, wearing her long hair in a ponytail pointed, and as she did Emily felt her cheeks and body grow warm.

Her face flushed by embarrassment, she quickly stood and scurried to her blue Saturn nervously. Clambering into her car, Emily headed towards the bubble for Track and Field practice.

“It was so embarrassing,” said Quinn, “I kept thinking about it on my way to practice, I felt like such an idiot.”



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