Feature: Commitments and Sacrifices

by Ryan Martin

On his busiest day, Jeb Hogan wakes up at 5:00 AM and maneuvers through his busy schedule consisting of athletics, academics and work.

A bio major, Hogan balances two regular classes, two lab classes, is a member of the Track team and works a part-time job at the library. “Being a student athlete is extremely hectic. But the student aspect always comes first so I always try to make time to get everything squared away,” Hogan said.

Hogan has a track practice at 5:45 AM Tuesday mornings as well as another practice that he has to fit in somewhere in his busy day. “He carries his responsibilities all really well. Much better than a lot of people would with the amount of stress he is at,” said Alex Bonnitto, Hogan’s assistant track coach.

Hogan’s fall semester consists of only two track meets. “The fall semester is mostly about finding our strengths and weaknesses. We push ourselves as hard as we can to find out where we need improvement. It’s exhausting,” Hogan said. The second semester includes a meet every weekend for 2-months straight; A

(Photo: Jeb Hogan)

brutal process of traveling and being off campus every weekend that affects Hogan’s time to do school work.

As personal friends of Jeb Hogan know, sleep isn’t a very important issue on his agenda. Hogan wakes up between 5:15 and 7:30 on weekdays and is busy with classes, practices and work until usually 10:00 PM.

Last semester, Hogan missed class registration and was forced to take classes that he doesn’t need to graduate. Hogan also has to bounce from class to practice without having time to shower or go back to his room and change.

Hogan’s job at the library pays minimum wage and currently he’s only able to work about eight hours a week. Next semester he’ll be giving up one of his night shifts because his lifting sessions interfere with it, making him an hour late to that specific practice. “I probably won’t be able to get those hours back next semester and will probably have to find another job. It’s a really stressful situation because I have to find a place that can work around all my other commitments,” Hogan said.

Hogan plans his schedule a week in advance so that he can accommodate to all of his priorities. “It all comes down to proper planning. I usually sit down the Sunday before the week starts and make a schedule on my white board in my room. It helps to have a visual reminder so I know what I have to do each day and am able to stay on schedule,” Hogan said.

Hogan’s structural planning has gotten him into a “good groove,” He is able to manage his personal stress levels, as well as his social life, athletics, and school work. “If you mess up here and there, as long as you’re on the right track, it’s not really that big of a deal,” Hogan said.

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