Feature: Rumors surrounding Sprint Football team has players on edge

As the Sprint Football season drew to a close, rumblings started that the league would move up another weight class, potentially leaving some players without the opportunity to play the next season.

“I first heard about it with three or four weeks left in the season,” said lineman Nick Wood.

The rumors spread quickly throughout the team and the University. Wood transferred in from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, in part to be able to play football at the collegiate level.

Soon, rumors started to swirl that the Sprint Football would be removed altogether, replaced by an actual Division II football program. This would mean Wood and all his teammates likely wouldn’t be allowed to play due to size.

“If they moved up a weight class, I’m not sure I would play. But if they got rid of the limit all together, there’s no way I would play.”

(Photo: Nick Wood)

Moving the school to a full time Division II program would allow the school to give out scholarships for incoming players. However, the current players would likely not be on scholarship.

“It would be unfair. We’ve all worked hard to get here. Through practices and games, we’ve given it our are since the season started,” said Wood.

Wood, a junior, would still remain a part of the Franklin Pierce community if the Sprint Football team was removed, but is uneasy with the speculation surrounding the team.

”I just want answers,” said Wood. “I want to know whether I’ll be playing next year.”

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