Finals approaching; students study in cafeteria

by Jackie Sizing
edited by Stephanie LeClair

Hearing the sound of the student’s footsteps coming down the ramp into the cafeteria. Students sit in booths on their phones and laptops, finishing up final essays. They munch on today’s menu of egg sandwiches, beef biscuit, “South of The Border” pizza, and hash-browns.

“I have to get the rough draft into him by tomorrow!”

(Photo: Jackie Sizing)

A girl said speaking to her friend while sitting in a booth and complaining about her lack of sleep. CNN plays in the background as the clanking of plates is heard from the other room.

Sitting in a booth in the side room, the cafeteria wasn’t loud. If you concentrated hard enough, you can hear the hum of the heater.

With plates of food, students walk down with their backpacks and take seats in the booths. The plates bang against the table as they set them down and the ice hits the side of the cups as it abruptly is put on the table.

“I have a headache, but other than that I am rolling with the punches,” a freshman said when questioned about how she felt about the last weeks of the semester.

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