Great customer service in the mailroom

by Curtis Jordan
edited by Zach Letourneav

(Photo: Curtis Jordan)

The door swings open with a squeak as I approach the font desk, the worker said to me “can I help you?”; it was very clear that I was the only customer

The atmosphere of the room was very peaceful all you could hear is the muffled conversations outside the mailroom.

I observed a collection of posters in the room promoting assorted events and clubs on campus.

I also saw yellow sticky notes on several mailboxes and was curious about it, I found out it meant their new dorm keys arrived.

“Our busiest hours of the day are usually 12:00 to 12:30 becuase thats when students get out of class and want to get lunch.”

The floors of the room were a bit dirty. I saw few of pieces of paper on the ground along with dust and dirt; due the lack of maintenance on campus.

Employees were more occupied than usually with packages and mail from the fall out of Cyber Monday.



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