GSA advocates Trans support and AIDs awareness

by Skyler Shuel
edited by Alex Thenin

The GSA discusses several important issues during their November 30th meeting in Spagnuolo Hall.


First on the agenda was the discussion of World AIDs day. Tomorrow, December 1st, free non-invasive AIDs tests will be offered in Spagnuolo Hall, and vouchers will be available in the glass foyer. GSA President Mary Decker says “Make sure you get tested on world AIDs day, and get tested regularly.”

Another topic was the Trans Day of Remembrance, a day dedicated to all of the trans people whose lives were taken in acts of hate or suicide. Decker also says “Transgender people in America are the most likely group of people to be a victim of homicide at 1 in 12, and their life expectancy is only 36 years.”

There was also a discussion on recent LGBT news, such as the recent Australian support of the LGBT community. There was also a discussion surrounding the Canadian government apologizing for past treatment of LGBT members of society.

Also discussed were several events on campus that highlight the values of the GSA. There will be a male-oriented fashion show held on campus to defy gender role stereotypes, with a segment called “A mile in her shoes” where the contestants will be made to wear high heels.

Several changes were also made to the GSA constitution, which was seemingly copied from the original SGA constitution. Some of the original rules were still intact from the old constitution, invalidated by the new methods imposed by the GSA.


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