Guitarists strum in preparation

by Mary Decker
edited by Harrison Berkland

(Photo: Mary Decker)

Six guitarists practice for one last time in Cheny Hall Thursday, November 30. Five of the guitarists are students, with the sixth being the director himself, Scott Sanchez.

Next week they will be performing for the Guitar Ensemble in Cheny, Thursday December 7, at 4:30 p.m. Sanchez believes the performance should be on the shorter side, only around 30 minutes long.

“We are playing from various musical eras, starting from the Renaissance, to ending on a Beatles song,” said Sanchez.

They will be playing not only a Beatles song, but at least a couple chorales, a round, and a Spanish song.

“Come to the concert, we could use the support. Come see the guitarists,” said Sanchez.

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