Info Desk all done with putting on own events, will continue to promote others

by Shannon Haynes
edited by Zack Letourneau

The Information Desk, promoter of events on campus, is finished hosting their schedule of events this semester. They will, however, continue to promote upcoming events.

The employees of the desk advocate most of the campus events, including bingo nights, talent shows, and movie nights. Sometimes, the  Info Desk employees sponsor their own events, since they are part of Student Activity Services.

(Photo: Shannon Haynes)

Kalyn DaSilva, the manager of the Information Desk, said that hosting bingo nights is one of her favorite events to promote. “I’m trying to theme it,” DaSilva said. Since bingo night attracts a lot of attendance from students, DaSilva explained that attaching themes to bingo makes putting the events together easier and more fun.

“I’ve already done Movie Bingo, and Black Friday Bingo,” DaSilva said. “They’re just more fun.”

In addition to advocating the final events of this semester, DaSilva is already setting up for next semester’s events. One of them is Grocery Bingo Night, which will take place in February. Other events that are taking place during the last two weeks includes Therapy Dogs, which will happen next Wednesday in Spagnuolo Hall.

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