Library nearly full as students work hard

by Shannon Haynes
edited by Stephanie LeClair

The Library was packed in the early afternoon, even though it was already getting dark out.

Students of all classes-freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors-filled the first and second floors of the library, with the second level more occupied than the first. All around, students and faculty were busy with work. Nearly every person was on a computer, either their own laptops or a library computer. All were trying to concentrate on their homework.

(Photo: Shannon Haynes)

ā€œIā€™m just doing work,ā€ a junior said when questioned about their activities.

There were hardly any open seats on the second floor. All the tables were taken by laptop-carrying students, and nearly every school computer was occupied. In the back, every study room-individual and group-had their doors shut. One group was overheard discussing an assignment.

When students appeared to finish their work, they immediately packed up their things and left. Some minutes after they did, their now empty seats were taken by other people, eager to finish their own work.

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