Matt Toombs discusses process of coffee shop

by Dan Longtin

In the fall of 2015, former president of Franklin Pierce University Andrew Card announced that a coffee shop was to be put on campus.  After a change in presidents to Kim Mooney, the project was put on hold.  In the spring of 2017, the campuses business minds club started the project back up again.

After large amounts of effort put into research, blue prints, and vending.  The project finally found a spot on campus and officially started construction in early October.

“The process of creating this coffee shop took almost a year to a year and a quarter to get it into the construction phase of the project.” says Matt Toombs, a current member of the business minds club.

This coffee shop is located on the first floor of the library but does not have a current opening date due to some small problems during construction.

“We are still unsure about the opening itself.” Says Toombs, “but construction is well under way.”

According to Toombs, four students including himself worked on this coffee shop project that was overseen by their faculty advisor Mack Bean.  Members included Johnny Buskin, Hailey Derosa, and Taylor Fletcher.  Each member had a certain role in helping to create the coffee shop.  The group also came together and presented to idea in front of board and faculty members to gain approval to move forward with the project.

Along with the project Toombs says his role “was to do research on pricing for items to see if it was worthwhile to offer them.”

The shop originally started as an idea of either becoming a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks.    But with failed attempts, the university found a local vendor that agreed to help sell their product.

With much frustration and the duration of time it took to physically start construction, many people have favored the idea.

Toombs says “We have received a bunch of feedback from students all of which is positive about there being a coffee shop on campus.”

(Photo: Dan Longtin)


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