New class offers students work place experience

by Doyin Fadojutimi
edited by Trent Dunn

There is a new, internship type course being offered for sports media majors on Thursday afternoons called Sports Media Practicum.

Professor Richard Roth, creator of the sports media major, said, “Sports Media Practicum is essentially an in-house internship.”

The class is a one credit course where students do sports media work on campus with Athletic Communications, Ravens Sports Network or another on campus sports media group. Examples of this could be broadcasting games, creating highlight reels, a radio talk show, or a short documentary film.

Junior sports media major Dan Longtin did a documentary on the men’s basketball team and a radio show, For da Birds, for the course. He said, “It was very challenging with the amount of documents and legal licensing that was needed to create the video however shooting, editing, and creating a relationship with the team was a very rewarding experience.”

Sophomore sports media major Bryce Johnson did broadcasts for Ravens Sports Network, hosted a radio show called Fantasy Forecast and was a Multi-Media Producer for Athletic Communications in a supervisory role for his workplace experience.

“I did not know what to expect at first from the class but it has helped my leadership skills as well as my skills editing video,” said Johnson. “The difference in my skills filming and editing games now compared to when I got the job is dramatic and It was good to have a group of knowledgable individuals in the class to consult with if I had any problems.”

(Photo: Doyin Fadojutimi)

There are five students currently taking the course. It is currently held on Thursdays at 3:15 in the Fitzwater Center.

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