Normal day in Admissions Lounge

by Jackie Sizing
edited by Ian Keating

The volume of the flat screen in front of the brown, leather couches is on low as a freshman is taking notes on a piece paper on a clipboard. Magazines such as Pierce Arrow are scattered across the table in between couches. Humming from the heater is mixed in with the sound of the phone ringing every now and then.

(Photo: Jackie Sizing)

” You can actually sign up for a tour online.”

The receptionist speaks into the phone as two students write down their names on a piece of paper. They both walk upstairs shortly after writing their names.

Names and words written with different colored markers are written on the white wall past the desk. Faint talking is coming from the inside of a closed white door on the left side of the room.

Admissions busiest days are Open House days, but a typical day is usually empty.



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