PMG Innovations prepare for mystery film

by Shannon McKeever
edited by Aaron Santini

The PMG Innovations club tested equipment to prepare for an upcoming film project in a meeting this Thursday night.

(Photo: Shannon McKeever)

Three students attended the meeting in the Pierce Arrow office, which is located in the Fitzwater Center.  “The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with finals, but we typically have around six members,” said sophomore member Tyler Comeau.  With the limited attendance, the group was only able to accomplish a few pieces on their agenda.

The meeting began when members set up a 360 degree GoPro tripod consisting of nine cameras set at all different angles that show the same scene from all positions.  Everyone worked together to position the tripod in the appropriate place so they could prepare to film tests.  “This organization is more problem-solving on the fly.  We all start with the same knowledge, but we really do have to depend on teamwork, without it we would fail,” said Tyler Peterson, a sophomore club member.

They worked to set up and film test shots with the GoPro in preparation of their upcoming film.  Comeau said he was hoping this would show him every angle he needed which would help him come up with the script for their student-produced murder mystery.

The mystery film is in the beginning stages and Comeau will begin writing the script at the start of the upcoming spring semester, following with details regarding the movie.

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