Registrar completely empty during morning hours

by Shannon Haynes
edited by Jenna Harrington

The only sounds in the building were coming from some workers talking in the back at Registrar in DiGregorio Hall.

Other than that, Registrar was completely empty. No one else was in the building, neither students nor staff. Accounting, which was right across from Registrar, was the only section decorated for the holidays. As workers continued to chatter amongst themselves, Registrar kept up its streak of no visitors.

(Photo: Shannon Haynes)

For about fifteen minutes, not one person showed up. Then someone walked in, a man with a camera around his neck. He paid a visit, but to Accounting instead of Registrar. After he left, no one else showed up at either section. A couple workers eventually flocked over to Accounting to talk to them, but Registrar unfortunately remained empty during the early morning hours.


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