Solo artist broadcasted on the FPU channel

by Colin Doherty
edited by Harrison Berkland

Brandon Desmond, a student musician was broadcasted singing on the Franklin Pierce channel 4 earlier tonight, November 30th.

(Photo: Colin Doherty)

“Today is just a solo performance, but normally I would be playing with my band, The Chris Desmond Band,” said musician Brandon Desmond. “I have done so many performances that the jitters just kind of go away. They only come when I haven’t done one in a while, but once you get into a groove, it’s like you don’t even feel them after a while.”

This is the first time a musical act has come to the FPTV channel, and is the second episode of the show the “Desmo Machine”, which is the show Desmond runs along with his band. The show tonight consisted of a solo act by Desmond without his band, where he sang a total of eight songs, some of which he wrote himself. The usual FPTV channel runs a news broadcast every Thursday, as well as another show called “Roommates”, where two roommates compete through a series of trivia questions about each other to see who knows more about the other person.

“I just took the position at the beginning of this semester,” said FPTV studio manager Kendra Syphers. “This has been the first time a band has come to play for the channel, so it’s a new thing for the studio. We film here in the studio, and then I edit it so people can then view it on campus. If we’re getting more views I will post it on Facebook Live, which helps boost our views as well.”

In the future the FPTV studio will continue to have performances such as this, as well as the “Desmo Machine”and other shows they broadcast on a weekly basis.



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