Students prep at Writing Center

by Mary Decker
edited by Ian Keating

(Photo: Mary Decker)

The elevator dinged, then opened upon the Wensberg Writing Center. The atmosphere was cheerful, with the pastel yellow and green walls. At the back of the floor was the Writing Center proper. Today, at 12:11, the center had been open for about 10 minutes. There were two ongoing tutoring sessions, and both groups were busy discussing the best ways to improve their essays. In the background, the sounds of phones ringing within the surrounding offices and the tick-tacking of keyboards was heard.

“So, could you try using another word than “but” that means the same thing?” one of the tutors asks her tutee.

Over at another table, the tutor said, “So, how does this relate to your thesis?”

Since this was the last two weeks of the semester, the tutoring sessions have been picking up. Regardless, it won’t be until the evening, starting around 5, when the sessions will reach the highest numbers the center sees each semester.

After sitting there for a few moments, Vicky Rank, the administrative assistant, approached to discuss upcoming events the center is sponsoring.

This next Wednesday, there will be a therapy dog event, at 11 to 1 in Spagnuolo Hall. The day after, on Thursday, there will be the “Managing Test Anxiety” workshop, at 7 in the Maruli Welcome Center.

The last week of classes is also the last week that the center is open – plan accordingly!

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