The Beta mystery at the Bubble

by Doyin Fadojutimi and Kobie Adams

At the Bubble  there is little going on, the day before Thanksgiving break, Tuesday, November 21.

(Photo: Doyin Fadojutimi)

For the most part, all work at the Bubble was at a halt, except for the mysterious delivery of a Beta fish; “This woman came and dropped off a Beta fish for Doug Carty…not sure what for,” said Cliff Doiroin, a junior student working at the front desk.

Students present at the Bubble were participating in last minute practice for Track and Field or local kids on break playing recreational basketball and soccer.

The lack of attendance at the Bubble could be due to the lack of student body presence on campus; “All I’m doing is dropping of this stuff to Tyler and then leaving.” said junior Stephen Crowley.

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