The Shuttle in the afternoon

by Eric Hammett
edited by Stephanie LeClair

(Photo: Eric Hammett)

The Shuttle as its commonly known on the Franklin Pierce University campus operates as it normally does moving students from the library courtyard down to Lakeview and back up in one loop.

Students move from one area to another to attend classes, go home, or finish errands. as it drives a continuous loop, it takes about 5 minutes to make a full cycle. On its trip the radio is on playing music but, going in and out with static and sometimes swapping from music to talk shows on its own.

Students that board the shuttle talk of winter weekend and spring weekend along with the drinking plans for the events. Talk of Mimosas and Long Island Iced Teas, as well as talk of party plans this weekend are spoken by many individuals. The mood is stressed, overworked, and exhausted as many speak of due dates and finals and some are even dressed up and spill the cents of cologne or perfume with presentations planned for today.


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