Work out machines dormant in the Field House

by Brandon Desmond

edited by Zach Letourneau


A bass centered beat played over the ceiling speakers. A tree stood in the window, covered in colorful lights which identified the time of year.

A female coach helped a student with her flexibility. An injured student laid on top of a table, and gazed at her phone.

The coach exclaimed, “It’s already Thursday!?”

The student jokingly replied, “It’s going by fast.”

A small tree in the corner blinked with lights. Mean-while, the work out machines lay dormant.

The coach talked to a soccer goalie about staying in a constant crouched position which gives a person Jumper’s Knee.

Out in the hallways, some dogs sat, waiting for something to happen. The sight of humans made their tails wag wildly.

In a basket ball court, the sounds of ceiling fans blew, filling the room with noise. People walked by as a student and basketball coach practice on the open court.

Photo: Brandon Desmond

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