Students talk about their futures before honors convocation

by Alisha Saint Ciel

edited by Emily Catuccio

Graduating seniors are gathered to recieve awards for  their academic excellencey during their four years of attending Franklin Pierce, but many student are fearful of their future.

Senior Kaylyn Vieira, who got accepted into an accelerated nursing program, is still worried about her future.

(Photo: Shane Rhuda)

(Photo: Shane Rhuda)

“I’m recieving honors, I feel really happy. I’m attending an accelerated nursing program after graudation, but I’m still scared of  being an adult,” said Vieira.

Rosa Eusebio, who was SGA class president for the 2015/2016 year, found a job in her field but still has worries like everyone else. Eusebio worries that she won’t be able to make her friends and family proud.

“My biggest fear would have to be not being able to make everyone, including my family, proud of me,” said Eusebio.

Alexa Ricci finished her student teaching program today, and it really dawned on her that adulthood is approaching and she’s going to be out in the real world.

“I finished my student teaching program today. It finally hit me that I’m an adult in the real world and it kind of scares me,” said Ricci.

Though students can find adulthood challenging, these seniors will be able to find their way in the future.



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