Biology Citizenship Award presented at Convocation

by Elora Philbrick
edited by Amanda Holland

During Honors Convocation in the Field House Alyssa DeSanti, a sophomore and Health Sciences major, as well as Caroline Hall, a junior and Health Sciences major, both received Biology Citizenship Awards.

(Photo: Elora Philbrick)

(Photo: Elora Philbrick)

The Biology Citizenship Award was given to four students that exemplified outstanding contributions to biology. Both women were excited and surprised to have received an email about the award.

“I was honored to have been distinguished as one of four to receive this award out of all of the students that attend FPU,” said Hall

Dr. Jacques Veilleux, the Division Chair of the Division of Natural Sciences, was the one who gave DeSanti and Hall the award during the ceremony.

“We want to thank our professors for recognizing our hard work and can only hope they know just how much it means to us,” said Desanti

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