Convocation guests catch a break from Campus Safety

by Luke Tracy
Edited by Meaghan O’Donoghue

(Photo: Luke Tracy)

(Photo: Luke Tracy)

With an increase of visitors on campus due to the Senior Convocation ceremony, Campus Safety has to to deal with parking for the family and friends planning to attend.

“We’re expecting an extra 80 cars,” said Maureen Sturgis, Director of Campus Safety.

The student population on campus takes up a majority of the parking spots, so visitors have to do their best parking anywhere they can find a spot.

Typically, visitors on campus are supposed to register their vehicles to avoid receiving a ticket for illegally parking.

“We’re lenient on tickets today because we kind of have to be,” said Sturgis.

Although the Convocation is a tough day for Campus Safety, compared to other major events on campus, this event is not as difficult.

“Commencement, move-in day, and Spring Weekend are really tough so today is not to bad,” said Sturgis.


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