FPU losing a phenomenal student

Miranda Tremblay is receiving awards for majors that have now been dropped.

(Photo: Colin Dailey)

Selenna (left) and Miranda (right) Tremblay (Photo: Colin Dailey)

by Matthew Brough
edited by Michael Husson

Miranda Tremblay, a sophomore at Franklin Pierce, is receiving two awards today at Honors Convocation for majors that are now being dropped.

Miranda, who is a technical theatre major with a concentration in light design, now has to transfer to the University of Massachusetts because the school is currently dropping her program.

“Why would you stay somewhere where you can’t physically practice your major,” said Miranda’s mother, Selenna Tremblay.

Miranda began the fall semester as a freshman and then, thanks to AP credits, was able to become a sophomore by January. She has held a 3.9 GPA all year long and has loved living on campus. She is earning awards in the form of honors from the Music Department and another one from the Theatre Department.

Selenna is proud of the hard work and time her daughter put into her major while she was attended Franklin Pierce.

“I’ve driven up from Pittsfield, MA to go see every event she takes part in,” said Selenna. “It was worth every two and a half hour drive to come see her do what she loves to do.”

Miranda learned that her major was being dropped while attending the American Theatre College Festival to accept an award for a friend.

She is sad to have to leave the school she chose as her first pick in colleges. This was out of three other possible choices including UMass.

“When she first came [to Franklin Pierce] she immediately fell in love with the place,” said Selenna. “It’s a shame she has to leave but there is nothing left for her to stay for.”

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