Freshman Sarah Periera receives scholarship

(Photo by: Luke Tracy)

(Photo by: Luke Tracy)

by Luke Tracy
edited by Robbie Sequeira

During the Honors Convocation, freshman Sarah Periera received the Alumni Association Award for involvement on campus,community service and outstanding academics.

The $5,000 award is given to five students who show great involvement in the community of Franklin Pierce and also help with the surrounding communities.

On campus, Periera is pursuing a Health Science major with a Psychology minor. In an effort to help out the local community, Periera helps out at the Jaffrey after school program working with elementary school kids ages seven to ten years old.

“I’m a camp counselor back home, and I work at Ben & Jerry’s so I’m always around kids. I love how their minds are always everywhere, they’re just so cute,” said Periera.

Along with her studies and community service, she also became a part of the women’s rugby team this past fall.

“All the girls were really welcoming and were like a family,” said Periera.

Periera expects to be involved more in her sophomore year next semester.

“I’m so proud of myself, cause all of the hard work paid off,” said Periera, “This is only the beginning.”


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