High emotions after winning a scholarship

by Shannon Quinlan

I was one of the few recipients of the 2015-2016 Alumni Association Scholarship.

(Photo: FPU Honors 2016 Twitter Page)

(Photo: FPU Honors 2016 Twitter Page)

I felt honored and proud about winning this scholarship. Having all eyes on me was a little nerve-racking though Рwhat if I trip when walking or am I walking too slowly?

Being recognized for my academic excellence and community contributions shows how far I’ve come in life. I used to struggle with academics in grade school, but pushed through it all and managed to have that same drive in college.

Despite family members not being able to make it, my peers and the FPU faculty gave me support and congratulations after accepting the scholarship.

As a sophomore, I still have a long way to go, but I know I will continue to succeed.


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