Photographs in full effect throughout the Honors Convocation

by Seth Roy

edited by Greg Cormier

The students receiving awards and scholarships at the FPU’s Honors Convocation had the full support of family, friends, and media to capture the moment.

Richard Berube, the main photographer of the event said, “I enjoy capturing these moments for the families of their kids who have worked hard throughout their time here. It’s special.”

Students are being awarded for their academic success that was based off of the hard work they’ve put in during their time here.

The event is centered around the senior class, but also for underclassmen who have won scholarships for their high GPA’s. Junior Justin Mancinito is one of the students getting a scholarship for his high grades.

His mother Kirstin Mancintio said, “I’m proud that my son is able to get a scholarship again. He’s won one every year that he’s been here. There’s no way I’m not getting a picture with Justin after his award!”

(Photo: Christine Murphy)

(Photo: Christine Murphy)

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