Small town girl living at a small college

With a 4.0 GPA, Caroline Hall has made a huge change transferring from a huge college to a smaller one.

(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook)

by Matthew Brough
edited by Ted Walsh

Caroline Hall, a sophomore at Franklin Pierce, received an undergrad award at the honors convocation today for maintaining a 4.0 GPA as a health sciences major.

Caroline is from the small community of Groveton, NH. It is a three hour drive from there to Franklin Pierce.

Her parents, Blaine and Stephany Hall, are proud of their daughter for being so active and involved at a school she loves.

“She keeps busy on campus with things outside of her major,” said Stephany Hall. “She works out at the bubble, is participating in cross fit, and even learned how to play the piano while attending this school.”

She spent her Freshman year at the University of South Carolina, a school that has around 20,000 students.

“She didn’t like the University of South Carolina, it was a big difference from the small town environment she grew up with,” said Blaine Hall. “You could leave the campus there and expect to get shot, you leave [Franklin Pierce] and it just feels much more tame.”

Caroline left USC to attend college at Franklin Pierce for the small close-knit community and so she was closer to home. It was one of her choices out of two other colleges she had applied to.

She loves living on campus with all the new friends she has made and enjoys the challenge provided by the education she is receiving.

“She is a lot more isolated here and she feels less stressed compared to USC,” said Blaine. “She is close enough home for when she needs us and far enough way to feel independent.”

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