Students are excited to honor their four years at FPU

by Matthew Dresselhouse
edited by Robbie Sequeira

(Photo: Taylor Norman and Caroline Hall by Shannon Slater)

(Photo: Taylor Norman and Caroline Hall by Kristen Dowd)

Before the ceremony starts for the graduating seniors, Exchange reporters had the chance to meet the students who achieved so much at Franklin Pierce University.

For seniors Hunter Jordan and Caroline Hall, they are excited to know that they were able to be honored for all of their hard work.

“It’s a good way to honor our seniors and other students around the college.” said Hall.

Norman looked back on some of her best moments at Franklin Pierce, recalling when she won awards during her freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

Vice President of Marketing Dr. Nathaniel Pierce is attending his second Honors Convocation. Pierce reflected on what the Honors Convocation means stating “It’s an opportunity to recognize our students who have shown academic excellence.”

He only knows of one student that may win an award during the Convocation.

Jack Manning was able to look back on his college career with satisfaction. For him, being asked about what he ask an incoming freshman or to himself when he was a freshman, he said

“Get active. Join clubs, join sports, because they give you a real perspective on things you never thought about before.”

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