Teammates show support for “family member”

by Ashley Andreotti
edited by Austin Mills

“Froshmore” Jemma Thacker who attended Franklin Pierce University for the spring semester of last year and all of this school year, had friends become family at the 2015 Honors Convocation, and was one of the only members of the class of 2018 to

(photo: athletics)

(photo: athletics)

receive an award this afternoon.

“When I got the email saying I won an award I immediately forwarded it to my mom,” Thatcher said. “She said she was so sorry that she could not make it.”

Thatcher’s hometown is a 30-hour trip away in Australia. This is where her beloved basketball teammates Natalie Bastain ’16, Susie French ’16, Kara Charette ’16, and Ali Palma ’17 came to her lonely rescue as her honorary family members.

“She’s family to me,” Palma said. “I took her in when I first met her.” Thatcher agreed, adding that they are practically sisters.

With the girl’s basketball team having such a phenomenal past season qualifying for NCAA tournament, it is no mystery as to how the girls became so close.

Thatcher has yet to return to Australia since she moved on campus in the beginning of the school year in August, spending the holidays with Bastain and Palma.

Bastain held up her loyalty to her teammate by claiming she was going to start the wave when Thatcher was called to the stage for her award.

Although this did not occur, Thatcher received a loud round of applause and warm cheers from the girls as she was called to the stage as the recipient of the Psychology Award for Outstanding Sophomore.

Thatcher was all smiles and received hugs and high fives from her surrogate family members on her return to her seat.

“They really are my family not my friends!” Thatcher said.

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