The Exchange covers Honors Convocation ’14

For the first time ever, social media and traditional media will be used to cover Honors Convocation.

The Exchange will provide coverage of Honors Convocation for the first time ever.

Each spring, Honors Convocation celebrates the accomplishments of seniors over their four years at Franklin Pierce.  However, except for seniors, facultfpu 2y and parents who can make the trip to campus, the audience is often small.

This year the Exchange staff are trying to rectify that by providing wide-ranging coverage of the event.

The 21 reporters and editors will write traditional articles, as well as use social media to keep everyone who can’t make it to event informed about what’s going on.  They’ll be using everything from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram to report on what’s going on.

There are too many awards being given out today for the staff to cover everything, but they’ll be giving everyone who can’t get there a feel for what’s going on.

As a special part of the Exchange project, parents and seniors will have an opportunity to Tweet and Instagram from the FPU field house, where the event is taking place.

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