The face behind the bagpipe


(Photo: Claire Dew)

by Liz Franciamore
edited by Amanda Holland

Bagpiper leads an estimated 50 faculty members into the Field house for the Honors Convocation  ceremony.

“The tunes that are played are traditional forward marches, usually I play Highland Cathedral to lead the faculty¬† in to the Field house,” said Lezlie Webster, the bagpiper.

This is not the first time that Webster has been playing at the Honors Convocation; she has also played at graduations.

“I think that the bagpiper is cool and unique. instead of playing music from the radio, a real person plays,” said Courtney Carton, a social work major.

Many students think that she adds to the ceremony.

“The bagpiper is attention grabbing,” said Sari Greene, a bio major. “She’s good at playing.”

She has been playing for 53 years.


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