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Looking ahead to summer 2015

Looking ahead to summer 2015

The Community is intended to be just that, a continuing community of writers, whose work and thoughts will be featured on this website.  It will start with nonfiction writers and in coming years may grown into “neighborhoods” for poets, fiction writers and perhaps even photographers.


(Creative commons photo: BenFrantzDale)

Next summer (2015) will see a four-day workshop conference that will focus on the use of story in nonfiction.  Story is increasingly being recognized by advertisers, among others, as a way of attracting readers as they strive to stand above out in a competitive field.  Story has been around for much longer in nonfiction, where the concept refers to borrowing technique from fiction in order to craft a compelling work.

Sessions will follow the model of a Master’s of Fine Arts program, where the emphasis will be on practical exercises.  Participants will also “workshop” their writing, sharing it out loud to get the instructor and other participants’ feedback.  One of the goals will be to create a supportive environment where writers can take risks as they explore new techniques.

The conference leader will be Professor Paul Bush, who is responsible for the Journalism and Digital Media concentration at the university.  Bush has previously been a freelance writer and a correspondent for the American News Service, a wire service that focused on “solutions oriented journalism.  His more recent work has focused on the emergence of literary journalism as a recognizable genre, as well as using narrative in telling the true stories of his neighbors in a small New Hampshire town.

Participants will also explore new venues on the internet where nonfiction is finding an outlet.

Pricing and acommodations will be announced.

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